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Skype Operations Framework

The Skype Operations Framework (SOF) is a guide developed by Microsoft to pilot customers and partners delivering high-quality Office 365 Skype for Business solutions to their customers.
Proge-Software, as a certified Skype Operations Framework Partner, is aligned to SOF methodology and assets, that represent the foundation which it builds its solutions on.
In accordance with SOF methodology, Proge-Software bases its Skype for Business migration or deployment on the following phases, responding to a high level of quality and reliability:

  • Plan – Gather information and insights to assess, design and prepare for a cloud communications service. Define expected business value, assess readiness for implementation, and undertake remediation activities.
  • Deliver – Understand how to effectively implement & deliver a cloud communications service while driving adoption. Identify areas for improvement by implementing new features and capabilities as they are released to deliver rapid success and add value.
  • Operate – Maintain a high quality and reliable cloud communications service through monitoring, reporting, and support services.

Why Proge-Software?

Proge-Software is the 1st partner in Italy and the 9th worldwide for Microsoft technical competencies.
Since April 2009, the company builds applications based on VoIP devices and videoconferencing solutions, arriving to the current state-of-art based on Skype for Business integrated with Office 365.
Proge-Software delivers VoIP solutions in several countries, including a VoIP infrastructure that runs over a proprietary satellite network.
The valuable offer of Proge-Software is constantly enhanced throw partnerships with primary vendors of VoIP solutions.

Our Offer

Proge-Software offers a set of coordinated activities that support the customer from the evaluation of the ROI to the maintenance of the VoIP infrastructure, tailoring the needed customizations to address specific requirements.

Following the main applications in that environment:

  • ProgeSOF, our general purpose solution based on Office 365 Skype for Business.
  • ProgeSOF for Health Care, our solution that allows the Communication and Collaboration of surgeons with Skype for Business in Office 365.

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ProgeSOF Features

  • Cloud PBX. Will transit your PBX into a single globally available Office 365 solution.
  • PSTN Conferencing. Will allow you to join conferences and meetings from any device.
  • Skype Meeting Broadcast. Will allow you to reach thousands of people in a single large meeting, without any trouble to dimension the IT infrastructure.
  • PSTN Calling. Will allow you to purchase phone calling plans directly from Office 365 (check with us what is the current and the planned availability in your country).

ProgeSOF Benefits

  • Management of synchronous and asynchronous communications.
  • Communicate anywhere, anytime.
  • Interactions within and outside the business context.
  • The most efficient collaboration and interaction between colleagues, partners and customers.
  • Reduced travel expenses, telephone and platform maintenance costs.
  • Minimal environmental impact of the offered applications.
  • Key Partnerships for Voip Solutions.
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