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Project Description

STS – Surgery Touchless System

STS is a powerful tool that allows the surgeons operating in the sterile areas of Operating Theatres to access and control the patient’s medical records in touchless mode, through Microsoft Kinect.

The patient’s medical records (images, video, 3D models, information, etc.) are easily accessible in real time directly by the surgeon. Through simple gestures and vocal commands, with no need of any support.
The high-definition images can be manipulated, rotated, zoomed, and compared with natural and quick hand gestures and/or with customizable voice commands.

STS provides functionalities to support telemedicine by enabling communication and collaboration from operating room (for example, through consultation and collaboration with specialists remotely available, or for information and training purposes) thanks to the integration of Microsoft Skype for Business.

Windows 10


2 GB dedicated
graphics card

Microsoft Cloud Storage and Skype for Business

Brochure STS

Revolutionizing the way you work

To be able to use STS you just need a PC, a monitor and a Microsoft Kinect.

STS has been designed with the aim to be accessible, intuitive and easily portable and adaptable to the logistical needs of the surgeon, for any type of operation and operating theatres.
STS allows cloud end/or local archive of all multimedia information (Microsoft Azure, O365).

interaction through

Gesture recognition
library allows an
intuitive and easy
to use approach

voice commands
library (English
and Italian)

Communication and
collaboration with remote
teams through
Skype for Business

STS Video

­STS in maxillo facial surgery

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STS – Surgery Touchless System

STS can help you in reducing response times, both in favor of a greater patient safety and by optimizing the use of the operating theater.

Rapid Training

A very quick training is required to learn about the features and movements commands.

Ease of use

Extreme precision of controls and simplicity of execution.

Reduction of the consultation times

Using STS the consultation times turned out to be at least 5 times faster.

Reduction of the
consultation times

Greater patient

Optimizing the use of
the operating theater

Prof. Roberto Angioli, Head of the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics of the University Hospital Campus Bio-Medico of Rome.

The consultation and access times to the required information are considerably reduced, contributing in this way to reduce the total time of the intervention.

Dr. Domenico Scopelliti
STS – Surgery Touchless System in maxillo facial surgery

STS allows for a more versatile management of the complex imaging system needed at the operating table. This enable to have constantly under vision the pre-operative program.

Realized under the SIM project (multimedia interaction development), STS is an experimental project conducted by Proge-Software in collaboration with the Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma and NITEL for the study of touchless interactive behaviors and application interfaces optimized for the use of Microsoft Kinect.


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