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Project Description

Software Asset Management

The software is becoming a real strategic asset to be managed properly in a structured process known as Software Asset Management (SAM).
SAM is a discipline that aims to improve the use of software assets within the company. This methodology provides companies with the opportunity to enhance their software assets in full regulatory compliance.
Thanks to the SAM, You can get the maximum benefit from investments in software, in accordance with the license agreement and applicable laws. In four simple steps:
1. Take Inventory
First, you need to know what you already have. Therefore we create an inventory of all software installed and collect the information obtained in a report.
2. Get organized
Take an inventory of the licenses you purchased, and identify  the license documentation in relation to the inventory of the software, noting the available licenses in relation to those used.
3. Create Policies and Procedures
We define and/or reexamine the criteria and procedures, in order to ensure proper management of software assets. The areas of application of the criteria include the acquisition, distribution, use and restore software.
4. Maintain you SAM plan
We support you to define a SAM plan, and create an archive of licenses and supports.

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