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Smart GEO BI

Project Description

Smart GEO BI

Smart GEO BI is a business intelligence solution based on standard components of BI that accelerate the development of analytical solutions.

It supplies a powerful dashboard that simplifies the complex analysis of the vast amounts of available data driving the user to the requested information through high-speed access.

Thanks to the use of the Microsoft Power BI technology, Smart Geo BI is able to transform spatial data into geo-referenced information for immediate consultation, to support decision making and forecasting in the short-medium term.

Smart GEO BI manages specifically the risk analysis in the food industry covering the following needs:

Grafico Analisi
Customized Application Development
icona sole e neve
Data Analysis on the impact of climatic factors
Evaluation of insurance aspects of the agricultural activities
Dati Georeferenziati
Data Risk

Smart Geo BI Advantages

  • Intuitive, simple and dynamic representation of geo-spatial risk indicators.
  • Data Analysis and verification through “drill down” operations without the recourse to IT.
  • Data logging with the possibility of comparison over time and estimated indicators.
  • The certainty of the unambiguous data and the correctness of the data are shared for management purposes and also for corporate communications.
  • Online service that allows you to quickly create dashboards, share reports and connect directly (and incorporate) the data of interest.
  • A BI Solution that is not affected by the users’ resistance to change as it is within Excel sheets.
  • Easy installation and minimal operating cost.
  • Cloud Solution with low licensing and training fees.
Smart Geo BI Technical Details

Smart BI is based on the new Microsoft Power BI technology.
Microsoft Power BI is a collection of tools and online services that allow finding and displaying data, share results and collaborate in a new and intuitive way.
Power BI is a Microsoft Office365 application.
Power BI also reaches mobile devices.

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