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Project Description

Messaging & Collaboration

The mission-critical nature of Messaging & Collaboration applications is well known by companies of all sizes in all industries.
Proge-Software Messaging & Collaboration solutions meet this market need, facilitating collaboration, improving communication and the secure sharing of information.
We design our solutions taking advantage of the integration features of Microsoft products (Exchange, Lync, SharePoint, Office 365) to provide users with an experience of fully integrated communication and collaboration. Our solutions allow to:

  • Implement the infrastructure that is most suitable to clients’ needs from scratch.
  • Update the infrastructure with new product releases.
  • Migrate to Microsoft Exchange from non-Microsoft message systems (e.g. Notes and Domino).
  • Optimize existing infrastructure;
  • Implement infrastructure protection, control and monitoring systems.
  • Create tools and applications in response to specific needs.
  • Migrating to Microsoft Cloud (Office 365).

Competence, professionalism and a consolidated methodology over years of experience in this field enable us to offer solutions guaranteeing maximum reliability, flexibility, scalability, availability and security at extremely advantageous costs.

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