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Project Description

Application Lifecycle Management

In a constantly dynamic and advanced market, IT experts must face the urgent need to manage complex information, improve safety requirements, make their organizations lean and flexible, strengthen the ability to respond to changes and keep IT investments aligned with their business objectives.

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is a solution for the integrated management of the people, processes, technologies and information involved in all stages of application life cycle management (governance, project management, requirements management, design & modelling, development, software configuration management, code quality and testing, deployment and operations) and provide companies with all the tools to complete their projects within the intended timeframe and budget, creating the necessary value to help them achieve their business goals.

Proge-Software works alongside its clients in order to understand their business objectives, identify their needs and gain familiarity with their processes, so that it can support them in the selection, adoption, planning and creation of the solutions, technologies, products and processes most suitable for their business. We support companies in designing the best ALM strategy for evaluating best practice, frameworks and methodologies already used in their current IT systems, using of the Microsoft Visual Studio platform in combination with the experience and skills of our specialists.


Key services offered
  • ALM Process Assessment: assessment of the level of application development capability within the context of the company, assessment of existing best practice, identification improvement opportunities, definition of the necessary roadmap for implementing the improvement opportunities identified.
  • ALM & Software Development Process Design: definition of ALM Processes (players and roles, technologies, technical documentation, source codes, testing, and source codes control methods); software development methodologies, and definition of ALM Process that best meets the specific corporate needs.
  • Migration / Installation / Integration: Team Foundation Server (TFS) infrastructure planning (architecture design, capacity planning, system configuration, and security); installation, configuration and tuning of the ALM Infrastructure; strengthening and integration of ALM Tools; conversion of source code management systems to the TFS.
  • Project Start-up / Project Management Support: Consulting services, build automation services, source code control, customization of work items, preparation and customization of reports, application development services and technical assistance
  • Training: team-based training, role-based training.
  • ALM for Outsource Software Development: Implementation of the TFS centralized infrastructure; definition of the Security Configurations for remote access of Team external definition of Processes / Methodologies for optimal control of the life cycle of the software (ALM).
  • ALM for VB6, JAVA and COBOL projects: Implementation and customization of specific add-in interfacing with existing technology platforms (e.g. ClearCase, SVN, Eclipse); mentoring and coaching to Project Manager for adoption of ALM projects (Reporting, Document Management, Version Control, Build Automation).

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