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Project Description

​Infrastructure Operation Management

The long experience gained in the management of complex IT infrastructures and the integration of technology skills with organizational ones, make us an ideal partner to design Infrastructure Management solutions able to easily adapt to clients’ individual needs.
The identification of a standard service package covering ordinary administration needs and the client’s faculty to request prompt adjustments of the resources in case of need, allow Proge-Software’s solutions to limit service costs to clients’ real needs. In this way, an optimal use of the resources is obtained, which is based on the availability of a large pool of specialists who guarantee prompt intervention in case of activity peaks.Our Infrastructure Operation Management solution includes:

  • Proactive Management Service: supplies the necessary support to minimize risks in managing the infrastructure and prevent problems from occurring while ensuring the correct working of the infrastructure and allowing its gradual and continuous technological adjustment. This mode meets both maintenance and evolution operating needs, providing suggestions, advice and answers to clients’ problems concerning design, development and use of the infrastructure.
  • Reactive Management Service: aimed at managing and solving problems and performing activities that, given their nature, cannot be preventively programmed.

The solution is configurable according to clients’ specific needs, based on defined Service Level Agreements (traceability, remote intervention method, response times, reporting methods, etc.).

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