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Project Description


Technology is changing our lives, simplifying many operations that we perform on a daily basis through the use of the internet and the latest generation of devices: search for proximity services, online booking and payment, sharing of information of public interest, are just a few examples.

InfoKubes is application specially designed to meet these needs by enabling the creation and publication of simple and fast custom Interactive Navigation Experiences.


InfoKubes is a cloud solution that stores all content on Microsoft Azure resources, thus avoiding all updating and distribution issues.

User friendly

InfoKubes provides an intuitive and user friendly console to manage multimedia content and set the desired browsing experience (touch, touchless or voice).


InfoKubes allows you to present products and services with pictures and interactive video, digital catalogs, multimedia navigation, geo-referenced and proximity services, queue management services.

InfoKubes provides the following Modules that respond to different application areas:

infokubes benefits

Infokubes benefits

  • Raising of communication quality;
  • User involvement in services and information research and use;
  • Easy content management and updating;
  • Low cost of hardware infrastructure;
  • Reduction of communication operating costs;
  • Elimination of printing catalogs costs.

simultaneous realtime

Fields of Application

  • Information kiosks for events, exhibitions and museums;
  • Promotional Kiosks (search for products and proximity services);
  • Digital Showcases (for shopping malls, department stores, fashion);
  • Reservation centers and queue management (hospitals, offices, branches);
  • Referenced resources research systems (offices, POI);
  • Research and booking APPs (museums, public transport, shops).


InfoKubes – Smart Cities & Smart Citizens Solution



IK Kiosk allows the simplified generation of multimedia content accessible from different kind of Information Points such as mobile systems, smartphones, touch or touchless devices (with Microsoft Kinect). IK Kiosk is structured in the following blocks:

  • Multimedia Content Management: through a console allows the definition of kiosk multimedia content and navigation rules.
  • User Interaction Experience: allows the set up of the User Interaction modality, choosing different effects such as the Mirror, Whiteboard, Digital, PostCard, and many others.


IK Commerce allows the creation of products catalogs accessible from all devices (PC, SmartPhone, Tablet, Table, PC with Kinect).
Starting from the visualization of the product list distinguished by category, it is possible to drill down each product feature and process the purchase. IK Commerce is structured in the following blocks:

  • Product List: allows the simple acquisition of products images, descriptions and prices. The list of products can be also uploaded through the activation of specific interfaces to external systems.
  • Purchase Block: allow the Purchase management using the most common payment methods including the QR Code utilization.


IK Learning allows an innovative management of training events such as lectures and meetings. IK Learning is structured in the following blocks:

  • Multimedia Content Management: a console allows the teacher to structure the lesson by defining multimedia content and sequence of exposure. The teacher can explain the content of the lesson through touch or touchless devices (voice commands or gesture).
  • Class Interaction: sets the Real-Time interaction modality between learners with tablet or smartphone, and the teacher.


IK GeoMarketing integrates the IK Kiosk and IK Commerce modules with additional functionalities aimed at analyzing kiosks user behavior or customers that access the product catalogs. In particular IK GeoMarketing is structured in the following blocks:

  • Capture Behaviour: specific asynchronous routines appropriately configured acquire information regarding access to multimedia content.
  • Analisys and Statistics: through the use of a specific app allows the geographical content access statistics visualization, and to analyze usage data by setting specific search parametric keys.


IK Interface includes specific interface tools vs IT systems and environmental sensors, which could be used to increase the Infokube potentiality. The module provides the following interfaces:

  • Sensors Interface: allows interfacing to sensors (e.g. temperature sensor) so displaying data on Touchless and Touch channels.
  • Cam Interface: visualize the streaming video intercepted by fixed and mobile cameras on Touchless and Touch channels.
  • Monitoring Interface: provides IT alerts events on Touchless and Touch channels, through the interface with the Microsoft SCOM monitoring system.
  • Configuration Interface: provides the servers, PCs and mobile devices configuration data on Touchless and Touch channels, through the interface with the Microsoft SCCM.
  • CRM Interface: provides the authomatic Upload of IK Commerce Product Data through the interface with the Microsoft SCCM.
  • SharePoint Interface: allow the visualization of the SharePoint data on IK Kiosk.

InfoKubes provides an highly intuitive centralized interface for content management, that allows the upload of any kinds of media objects (videos, images, interfaces for the insertion and presentation of data, applications, etc.) and the definition of the interaction modality (touchless, voice and touch) through the choice of a defined set of behaviors and effects.
In this way it is possible to reach your target (user, client, consumer), for example, presenting products and services with interactive pictures and video or digital browsing catalogs or multimedia navigation.
In addition it is possible to use attractive interaction effects (such as the Mirror that uses webcam, digital whiteboard, and others) that make user experience very pleasant and innovative.
InfoKubes is available on the following devices, simultaneously and in real time:

  • Windows 8 PC with classical Web iteration, Touch and Voice.
  • PC and Kinect, with Touchless interaction (Body Tracking and Voice).
  • Windows Phone 8 (App) with Touch and Voice interaction.
  • Windows 8 Tablet (App) with Touch and Voice interaction.
  • Table (PixelSense), with touch interaction.

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