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Project Description

​Hybrid Cloud Storage

The constant growth of data, due to the greater use of apps and devices, is reflected on the companies need to increase the available space for storage. At the same time it remains constant the need for administrators to optimize the use of available resources and to reduce total costs of ownership.

The Hybrid Cloud Storage solution by Proge-Software is based on the use of Microsoft StorSimple and Microsoft Azure cloud resources.

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Hybrid Cloud Storage benefits

  • Efficient management of data growth
  • Streamline storage and management
  • Improve disaster recovery and compliance
  • Migrate and copy data through the cloud
  • Lower storage costs up to 60%

StorSimple makes available, in a flexible way and in response to the current need, local disk storage, where more frequently accessed data are stored and Cloud space where less frequently accessed data are stored.


Microsoft StorSimple
  •  StorSimple has a high performance local storage, and simplifies the management of data growth, thanks to automated deduplication processes, compression and storage on Azure Storage.
  • StorSimple uses Azure to extend the capacity of local storage, automating maintenance and simplifying ongoing management of primary storage, backup and disaster recovery. In addition, with the Cloud Snapshot, it allows to have a complete replica of your data off-site.
  •  StorSimple accelerate disaster recovery thanks to the download only the data effectively needed for applications. It also allows you to test the data recovery and to ensure compliance with corporate policies.
  •  StorSimple allows you to avoid purchasing unnecessary storage resources, and improves operational efficiency and significantly reduces the overall costs for IT.

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Hybrid Cloud Storage – StoreSimple


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