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Project Description

HD Eraser

How can you guarantee that your Hard Disk is completely and securely cleaned, without destroying the drive itself and even reusing it?

This is the fundamental question asked by many companies managing digital corporate data when dealing with the following issues:

  • HD disposal;
  • returning devices after leasing or renting contracts have expired;
  • preparing devices so that they can be reused;
  • sending HDs to repairing companies in case of failures or malfunctioning.

To prevent confidential or classified information from being used by third parties without the owner’s permission or against existing security legislation, HDs can be demagnetised by using a Degausser. These devices guarantee that the information in hard drives is completely erased but the HD itself cannot be reused. This process is obviously very expensive, because magnetic devices need to be purchased again.
HD Eraser can permanently cancel data and reuse hard disks at the same time.
HD Eraser is constituted by a full-featured system that can be connected to HD devices undergoing the cancellation process.
Magnetic devices are cleaned by a specific software tool approved by the US DoD (Department of Defence) security policies.
HD Eraser automatically recognises all the disks connected to the device, then performs the cancellation process of all the disks in the loader, even simultaneously and finally displays the operation status.
At the end of the cleaning process, special reports are generated with all the information about the operations performed by the software. In case of an unsuccessful hard drive cleaning, which may be caused, for instance, by a failure in the hardware system, HD Eraser registers the information about the user who is cancelling the data by using external devices (such as a Degausser, for instance).
HD Eraser also keeps a history file of all the operations performed, specifying the user, date, duration and results of all the cancellation operations.

Hd Eraser

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