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Project Description

GESO – The Offer Service Management System

GESO is the web-based Solution for pharmaceutical companies who have a need to handle a large number of Contract Bids and Offers.

GESO lets the entire Contract Bid and Offer management process be automated. From the fulfilments related to the requirements of the offers, to the verification of documentation completeness, to shipping within predetermined timeframes, to the successful recording of data relating to the awarding of the contract.

In particular:

  • Membership to the Supplier’s Register;
  • Requirements, Issuing, Awarding and Revision of the Offer;
  • Export Data to the Order Entry;
  • General Services (User Management, Bid Archive, Journal, Import/Export Data).


The system is fully integrated with Microsoft Office, and allows all the documents necessary for the management process to be automatically predisposed.
Furthermore, GESO can be interfaced with the most common ERP systems (SAP, for example) and can be integrated with the company messaging systems pertaining to the information flow for the external sales force.


GESO is developed in ASP technology, and is available in On-Premise or Cloud IaaS (Microsoft Azure) mode.


Geso supports the Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle.

Optical Storage

Geso automates the requirement of the product data sheets.

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