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Project Description

Enterprise Project Management

Successful project management and their constant and profitable alignment with the company’s business objectives are key elements in maintaining the company’s competitive advantage.

Enterprise Project Management (EPM) methods and IT tools enable clients to gain more visibility and control over their portfolio of projects, increasing productivity and saving time, while keeping costs low and quality high. EPM solutions therefore aim to enable companies to respond efficiently to the need to manage increasingly complex projects and information flows.

Proge-Software works alongside its clients to understand their business objectives, identify their needs and gain familiarity with their processes, so that it can support them in the selection, adoption, planning and creation of solutions, technologies, products and processes that best suit their business. We support companies in designing the best Enterprise Project Management platform to optimise the best practice, processes and methods existing in their current company, by combining the use of Microsoft Project Server 2013 with the experience and skills of our specialists.

Our services are designed to meet the specific needs of our clients and adjust to the different technical and organisational contexts of each company.

EPM Services offered
  • Design / Installation / Migration / Integration: EPM infrastructure planning (architecture design, capacity planning, system configuration, and security); installation, configuration and tuning of the EPM Infrastructure; strengthening and integration of the tools supplied by third party providers; integration of the EPM platform with other IT systems, migration of the EPM platform.
  • Project Start-up / Project Management Support: consulting services, assistance during Start-Up phase.
  • Custom Software Development: development of custom application components to meet the specific needs of each client; creation of Interfaces to interact with different application systems.

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