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Project Description

SGF – Sistema Gestione Flotta

SGF is a powerful system to manage the whole vehicle lifecycle for the local countries fleets of the international Car Rental Business corporations, ranging from the fleet planning to the dismissal, also covering all the business and statutory accounting fulfilments and the fines.

Purchase and sale plans are based on a powerful linear programming engine that performs the Fleet Rotation and Optimization.

The system covers all the business areas of the car rental companies, featuring specific solutions for the different rental types (long-term, short-term). Starting from the purchases and sales planning, passing through the orders, installation, maintenance up to the dismissals, the financial and fiscal accounting and the fines management, the whole process flow is integrated in a unique workflow governed by SGF.


SGF is composed by specific modules, each covering a single operational area. The main ones are:

  • Vehicle Agreements & Fleet Optimization;
  • Vehicle Ordering, Distribution & Installation;
  • Vehicle Road Tax & Insurance;
  • Vehicle Maintenance;
  • Vehicle Disposal;
  • Administration & Accounting;
  • Traffic Fines;
  • General Services.

Fleet Solution Brochure

As shown in the picture, SGF exchanges its data with the other already existing systems. These data flows are easily integrated during the initial setup and customization.

SGF also takes from other sources the information needed to automatically manage some specific functions, as:

Road Tax

Road Tax Management


Transfer of Property and Property Certificate


Used Vehicles Sale Prices

Traffic Fines

Traffic Fines Management

Since more than 15 years SGF is used by the main car rental companies, one of which is currently going to extend its adoption to all of the European countries.

Our development plans are currently targeted to further extend the presence of our products, starting from the EMEA.

These ambitious plans are supported by the already started total reengineering of our systems, aimed at delivering to the market a new version (3FS – 3rd GENERATION FLEET SYSTEM) that will leverage the most advanced technologies to build in the next biennium the third millennium system.

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