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Project Description

Cloud Computing

New paradigms introduced by Cloud give better opportunities to answer very quickly the request of changes from markets in constant transformation, by adapting dynamically the capacity of the infrastructure both to the internal and external user requirements and to the defined service levels.

Cloud Computing - Private Cloud
Private Cloud
Cloud Computing - Public Cloud
Public Cloud
Cloud Computing - Hybrid Cloud
Hybrid Cloud

The main benefits of our Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud solutions:

  • Dynamic adjustment of resources to the needs of services and applications.
  • Optimization of hardware resources (Servers, Storage, Network) to achieve a significant reduction in operating costs.
  • Standardization and automation of business processes using industry-standard methodologies (ITIL, CMMI, etc.).
  • Creation and updating of own service catalog, exposing it on web portals and self-service mode.
  • Drastic reduction of the effort required to deploy and update new infrastructures, applications and services, through the use of Bare-Metal Provisioning, Software Libraries and Templates systems (Service, Application, Virtual Machine).
  • Proactive management of the entire network monitoring systems with End-to-End and automated remediation.
  • Work anywhere and access the needed resources from any devices.

The solutions provided by Proge-Software for Cloud services are based on industry-standard technologies

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and Microsoft Hyper-V

for the management and virtualization of computing resources.

Microsoft System Center 2012 Cloud Platform

for the creation and the management of Private and Hybrid Cloud Platform composed of heterogeneous elements.

Microsoft Azure (IaaS and PaaS)

for Hybrid and Public Cloud infrastructures.

Microsoft Office365 (SaaS)

to supply services to users of Unified Communications & Collaboration based on the Microsoft Public Cloud offering.

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