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Project Description

Car Fleet Management

We are proud of our international leadership in building integrated systems in the automotive market, with a particular focus in the Car Rental business solutions, as:

Fleet Management Systems
Our systems manage the whole lifecycle of the vehicles, integrating all the fleet-related processes in a unique flow. They are typically adopted by the individual subsidiary of the biggest worldwide corporates, at a country level. They drive the users in fulfilling the complex tasks related to the specific roles, through a workflow dynamically customizable by the users according to their own privileges. Both the long-term and the short-term rental processes are natively integrated in these solutions.
The components of these systems aimed at managing the corporate business processes, policies and procedures are usually very standardized among the different subsidiaries, whereas the statutory components, as those to manage fines, property tax and fiscal obligations, are highly customizable.
These systems also feature powerful reporting tools to aggregate and analyze data to support the executives in decisional processes.
Among the functional modules, all equally important, the one that support the sale processes must be highlighted as it provides many different interfaces, e.g. the Online Auctions and the Marketing/Remarketing activities.

Italian Balance Sheet
The accounting data are extracted from the main DB and reclassified by accrual basis, so generating the yearly balance sheet required by specific Italian laws.

Invoice Management Systems
They manage the invoices not directly related to the Fleet, both active and passive.

Financial Agreements Management
The different forms of vehicle purchase financing are managed.

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