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Project Description

BICC – Business Intelligence Cloud Continuity

BICC provides a replica of the BI Primary Site attested On-Premise (DB, applications) on a Twin-site hosted on Microsoft Azure, which is maintained in line with the on-premise site through an asynchronous update process, scheduled and executed with the chosen frequency.

It is a Point-In-Time Replication mode, which states the periodic execution of Primary Site snapshots and of replicas on the Twin Site in the Cloud.
In case of unavailability of the primary site (for failure or maintenance), BICC enables the Twin Site in the Cloud, giving continuity to the applications and to the BI service, allowing you to restore the availability of the Primary Site On-Premise without causing any disservice to the User.

BICC completes itself with the Business Intelligence service based on Microsoft Power BI, which accesses data of the active site (Primary or Twin) in a transparent way to the user.

The BICC technology

Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible cloud-computing platform. A growing collection of integrated cloud services for analytics, computing, database, mobile applications, networking, archiving and Web, which allows companies to be faster, achieve more results and save.

Microsoft Power BI is a family of analysis tools that transform data into information to facilitate their sharing. It allows you to monitor your own business and get answers quickly with an advanced graphical dashboard, available on any device.


  • Instant Twin Site Activation in the case of failure of the primary site (<10 minutes).
  • 99.9% availability guaranteed by Microsoft Azure.
  • Possibility of Retention configuration as required.
  • Possibility of Flashback according to the Retention set.
  • High scalability (Microsoft Azure).
  • Cloud service costs related to the resource consumption (Consumption Based Pay As You Go).

Brochure BICC

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