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Research & Innovation

We believe that investing in research creates the right vision towards innovation and stimulates production.
We believe that the most effective solutions, able to really promote change, arise from the virtuous circle made up of these three components: research, innovation and production.

To anticipate our clients’ requests, we have set up purposely-made laboratories (ProgeLABs) in which the most advanced technologies are tested and research projects conducted with the double aim of:

  • Creating effective, innovative, inexpensive and repeatable solutions, repeatable on a large scale, able to provide competitive advantages;
  • The constant enrichment and in-depth study of knowledge and skills of our staff, to best support our clients during processes of change.

Several traineeships are available in ProgeLabs.

Some of our R&D projects

interfaccia medica nuova soluzione per sale operatorie

SIM Project

SIM (Sviluppo Integrazione Multimediale) foresees the realization of interfaces optimized for Microsoft Kinect. The first two applications are an innovative Multimedia Information Kiosk and a system that allows the control of biomedical images in the Operating Rooms in touchless mode.

  • Gesture Recognition optimized for use in Operating Rooms;
  • New User Experience through touch/touchless interactive kiosk.
Fidelity card IT Project

Mobile Fidelity Card

Card Digital Management Application, based on Microsoft cloud.

  • APP to management and storage of digital card;
  • Simplify deployment and management card;
  • Direct communication with the customer;
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns Management;
  • Proximity Promotions Management;
Kiosk Geo GPS It Project

Geolocalized Kiosks

InfoKubes customization to manage Geolocalized Kiosks.

  • Centralized and automated content distribution;
  • Information Point in Real-Time;
  • Queue Management, Parking Management;
  • Custom User Experience – Touch / Touchless;
CRM Online Microsoft Dynamics 2014

CRM Online

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 customizations. Integration with social networks, sales and marketing management workflows.

Mobile Image Recognition

Mobile Image Recognition

Functionality of image and pattern recognition to mobile-app. Cloud solutions based on core InfoKubes.

  • Configurable app;
  • Capture images from video / TV;
  • Customization of catalogs and flyers;
  • User Experience to Mobile Payments and Commerce;
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